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Hungarian-Israeli Entrepreneur Potentially Gracing the Cover of Forbes

  • Hungary
  • 30. Oct. 2023

Members of the Jewish community and various news outlets are rallying behind Barbara Burián in the Forbes Top 100 Best Self-Made Entrepreneurs competition.

The Jewish community and various media outlets are rallying behind Burián Barbara for the Forbes Top 100 Best Self-Made Entrepreneur competition.

Several of Hungary’s primary Jewish news platforms have kickstarted a commendable campaign to gather votes for Burián Barbara, the proprietor of BURIBA advertising agency, as she contends in the Forbes Top 100 self-made entrepreneurs lineup.

Prominent Jewish outlets and organizations like Kibic Magazine, The Federation of Hungarian Jewish Communities (MAZSIHISZ), Új Kelet, Bét Sálom Synagogue, along with multiple Jewish Facebook groups, have broadcasted the achievement of Burián Barbara, the Hungarian-Israeli businesswoman behind BURIBA advertising agency, for earning a spot in Forbes’ 10th-anniversary edition’s Top 100 self-made entrepreneurs list.

In celebration of the Hungarian edition of Forbes’ 10th anniversary, a contest was rolled out. This competition invited nominations of entrepreneurs who, on their own merit, achieved considerable success locally or internationally. The coveted prize? A feature on the magazine’s November edition cover. Burián Barbara’s compelling entrepreneurial journey not only resonated with the Forbes editorial team, propelling her into Hungary’s Best 100 self-made entrepreneurs, but also made her a contender in the public voting round.

Being recognized and nominated by Forbes is a monumental professional accolade for Burián Barbara. The enthusiastic endorsement from Jewish media channels has been a source of motivation and overwhelming support. Nonetheless, a particularly heartwarming moment during the Forbes campaign was the outpouring of well-wishes and votes from members of the local Jewish community, including many unfamiliar faces.

While the prospect of gracing the Forbes cover wasn’t Burián Barbara’s initial ambition, the unequivocal support and unity of the community bolstered her spirit immensely. She helms the BURIBA advertising agency with continued gratitude and humility and cherishes the unwavering encouragement she received from the Jewish community in her professional journey.

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