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Innovation and Tradition: The Branding and Website of the World Jewish Academy

  • World Jewish Academy
  • Worldwide
  • 5. Apr. 2024

BURIBA Advertising Agency’s latest project, the creation of the website and branding for the World Jewish Academy (WJA), opens a new chapter in the digital communication of the Jewish community.

The foundation aimed to establish an international educational and recruitment center that supports sustainable leadership and community development for Jewish organizations and individuals. The foundation’s focus is on community expansion, business networking, and talent nurturing.It provides an opportunity for non-profit and for-profit organizations to learn valuable skills from each other. Entrepreneurs share their knowledge to help non-profits operate successfully as businesses, while receiving assistance from non-profit organizations to develop corporate culture and social awareness.

The WJA was initiated by Burián Barbara, founder of our BURIBA Advertising Agency, in collaboration with co-founders Robert Cohen, Philip Wallage, and Darren Swan. BURIBA Advertising Agency has already worked with numerous international Jewish organizations, gaining extensive experience in the Jewish non-profit market. This wealth of experience and expert approach ensures that the branding and online presence of WJA reflect the highest standards in advancing the development and education of the Jewish community.

Modern Visual Language and Branding

When designing the image of the WJA, the BURIBA team sought to combine modernity with traditional Jewish symbols. We used the Star of David as a basic motif, which we dressed up in a minimalist, clean and youthful style. Instead of the usual design, we designed a fragmented Star of David, the elements of which show the images fragmented. This design and approach ensures that WJA’s look is fresh and appealing to younger generations, while honoring the traditions of Jewish heritage.

Website Design: Interactivity and Dynamism

When designing the website, interactivity and user experience were key considerations. When building the site, we took into account the importance of displaying webinars and events, as well as modern web design elements such as interactive scrolling. Among other things, this makes the site more varied and dynamic. The fragmented effect of the images and the use of geometric patterns give the site a unique and youthful look, differentiating it from the more conservative design of more traditional Jewish organizations.

Harmony between Branding and Web Design

The harmony of branding and web design is key in shaping the image of WJA. The balance of modern visual elements and traditional symbols creates a unique identity for the WJA that helps it stand out among international Jewish organizations. The site is not only visually attractive, but its functionality also meets today’s expectations, thus providing users with an easy-to-navigate and enjoyable digital experience.

In addition, it was important that the colors also reflect youthful vigor, and that we simultaneously appeal to entrepreneurs, organizations and individual interested parties both visually and textually.

BURIBA Advertising Agency for Jewish Organizations

At BURIBA Advertising Agency, we are proud to be responsible for the marketing of several Jewish organizations, such as the Migdal Ohr child welfare organization, orphanage and educational center, winner of the Israel Prize and awarded with the Presidential Medal, or the Hungarian Jewish Social Aid (MAZS) Foundation. If you run a Jewish foundation, be it domestic or international, and you need marketing or design services, feel free to contact our BURIBA Advertising Agency. With our expertise and experience, we are ready to help organizations to appear successful and efficient, whether it is image development, web design, or even a full-scale marketing strategy. Contact us with confidence and let’s work together to achieve your goals.

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