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Israel’s Shield Emergency Appeal launched together with Migdal Ohr during Israel-Hamas war

  • Migdal Ohr UK
  • London, United Kingdom
  • 30. Oct. 2023

BURIBA advertising agency together with Migdal Ohr UK launched an emergency appeal “Israel’s Shield” to help survival families during Israel-Hamas war.

The influence of Israel-Hamas war on BURIBA advertising agency and its clients

BURIBA advertising agency together with Migdal Ohr UK launched an emergency appeal “Israel’s Shield” to help survival families during Israel-Hamas war. Creating a fundraising appeal can be sound an ordinary task, something that is easy to execute but not during war times.

At 6:30 a.m. on Shabbat, October 7, which supposed to be one of the most joyful Jewish holidays, Simcha Torah, Hamas, the Iran-backed terror group controlling Gaza, launched a horrible surprise attack on Israel.  They fired thousands of rockets toward Israel and more than 2000 terrorists infiltrated the Jewish country and invaded southern Israel. They broke into civilian homes, shooting, burning, raping and beheading. A terrifying and fatal massacre was carried out.

Simultaneously, additional terrorists drove on to the Nova Music Festival, which took place in a nearby open area. They massacred hundreds, raped young women, brutalized bodies, and abducted many. 260 bodies were later found in the area of the festival, most of them belonging to young men and women—innocent youth in their twenties.

They brutally murdered more than 1,400 people and took approximately 229 hostages to Gaza.

As BURIBA advertising agency was established in Israel and have several clients in Israel, we were shocked to watch what was and has been happening in our country. We have received devastating news that family members of our clients have been murdered or taken hostage. We have seen the colleagues of our partner agencies, family members and friends have been called up to fight for the defence of Israel in the army.

No leadership or crisis management course has ever or could have ever prepared us how to support our clients, how to keep working or how to react on the anti-Israel, pro-Palestinian news during such challenging times.

We used our instincts and just expressed empathy, love and support for our clients in the most natural way that can be possible as a human being.  We were extremely sorry to hear that the Executive Director of our client, Migdal Ohr has been suffering from terrible loss committed by Hamas terrorists. A few days after the outbreak of the war, we have visited our client in London and tried to comfort her. As Judaism teaches, actions matter and we fully stand by this statement.

Emergency appeal for Israeli families launched together with Migdal Ohr

After a horrible few days of feeling powerless, devastated and terrified, Migdal Ohr reached us out to launch an emergency relief effort, called “Israel’s Shield.” This initiative represents the significant commitment of Migdal Ohr to relocate nearly 1,500 people, including families, babies, children, and the elderly who have survived the recent massacres.

The representatives of the organisation are facilitating the transfer of these families from communities and kibbutzim bordering with Gaza to lodgings in Jerusalem. In the appeal, we wholeheartedly embrace the responsibility of addressing their immediate and evolving needs until a more stable plan can be established.

These needs are dynamic, ever-shifting as the situation unfolds. However, Migdal Ohr is unwaveringly committed to stand by each family until they are securely settled and the crisis subsides. For the long term, Migdal Ohr is exploring ways to assist them in rebuilding their lives, continuing therapy, and possibly transitioning to temporary accommodations until they can establish new homes.

In this emergency appeal, we ask potential donors to help us support the needs of the survivals:

  • Facilitating bus transportation to safety
    Covering lodging expenses, including providing daily hot meals
    Offering childcare and babysitting services
    Organising daily activities
    Providing essential grief counselling and trauma therapy
    Distributing much-needed clothing, shoes, toiletries, and basic necessities

We hope that our mutual effort will not only help to fundraise but to comfort those Israeli families who have been suffering from the horrifying trauma of the massacre of their loved ones.

BURIBA advertising agency was working tirelessly to launch this campaign during these emotionally and physically dragging times, and we hope with this campaign we not only executed Migdal Ohr’s emergency appeal but we helped to contribute to make Israel stronger and recover from the unforgettable and unforgivable attack that Hamas terror group has committed against Israel.


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