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  • Forbes 100
  • Hungary
  • 18. Sep. 2023

Our founder, Barbara Burián, made it to the Forbes 100 list! She is one entrepreneur who has a chance…

Barbara Burián, the founder of our BURIBA advertising agency, is on the Forbes list.

Forbes announced a competition on the occasion of its 10th birthday, seeking entrepreneurs who stand out in Hungary with their innovative approach and business results.

This is how Barbara Burián, the founder of our gamification advertising agency BURIBA, made it to the Forbes 100 list. Her introductory text caught the attention of the Forbes editors:

“I am a Hungarian ‘black sheep’ from Telaviv. I went from being an ambitious girl in the advertising industry at home, inventing tuning shopping carts for SPAR, for example, to a Hungarian-Israeli entrepreneur and an extremely persistent woman. I converted to Judaism, moved to the 3rd most expensive city in the world, Tel Aviv, and founded my advertising agency as an immigrant. I work with Hungarians who emigrated from the Middle East to other European countries. I’m all about gamification and value creation for the non-profit sector. Among my proudest achievements at home are two Richter-Anna awards, TedX Talks we wrote, an ARC billboard exhibited, and – most recently – the EdisonKids-Samsung Solutions for Tomorrow communication campaign.

In addition, I have been leading Jewish leadership seminars in Europe for almost 10 years on a voluntary basis, and now I am founding my own foundation. I work by candlelight, my diligence and precision are brutal. I believe in kindness, empathetic leadership, and unorthodox functions.”

Of course, the Forbes editors, like all editors, shortened the text a bit. The following introduction can be read on the Forbes 10 page:

“She moved to one of the most expensive cities in the world, adopted the Jewish religion, and founded an advertising agency focused on gamification. Barbara Burián from Tel-Aviv primarily works with Hungarians living in various European countries. She has more than two hundred Facebook applications, social media, and microsite games to her name, subscribes to numerous websites and social media campaigns, and holds Jewish leadership seminars as a volunteer.”

All the way to the print Forbes magazine by one vote?

Well, you actually need more than just one vote. As a gamification agency, we understand that the essence of any voting mechanism lies in database building. But here’s the good news! It’s Forbes we’re talking about, which means you can get acquainted with the thoughts and challenges of the hottest businessmen in our country and the world. Even in the worst-case scenario, you might stumble upon interesting and special business news. Isn’t it worth a visit to Forbes?

Now, we are asking all our readers, customers, and colleagues, but especially you, to participate in the poll! Please vote for Barbara Burián so that readers of the printed Forbes can also become familiar with her Israeli-Hungarian thought process, the digital trends, and “gamification” strategies she follows and champions, as well as her management approach devoid of hierarchy, emphasizing results and human relations.

We could suggest that you should NOT vote for Barbara Burián – just in case reverse psychology works. However, we would kindly ask you to support her with just 1 minute of your time:

  1. Go to the Forbes 10 page and, after exploring the candidates, click on Barbara Burián.
  2. Alternatively, if you have only 1 minute to spare, click on Barbara Burián directly on the Forbes page.
  3. Cast your vote by entering your name and email address.
  4. Access your email account and click on the email from Forbes.
  5. Click on the link in the email, as this is the ONLY way your vote will be valid.

On behalf of Barbara Burián and the entire BURIBA advertising agency, we humbly and sincerely thank you for your vote!

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