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  • Hungary
  • 17. Sep. 2023

Thanks to our recruitment campaign, a record number of applications were received in the EdisonKids / Samsung Solutions for Tomorrow study competition.

BURIBA appointed as the advertising agency for the EdisonKids / Samsung Solve for Tomorrow competition

We are not exaggerating when we say that one of the most beloved and rewarding projects of the year was awarded to the non-profit organisation Bridge Budapest. Our advertising agency BURIBA has been awarded both a top-class client and a campaign assignment that lasted seven months and was inspiring in every aspect.

Led by Rita Veres, Co-Founder, Bridge Budapest and Zsófia Samu, Director of Brand Communications, Samsung, we organised the third EdisonKids / Samsung Solve for Tomorrow Challenge in 2023. Our advertising agency BURIBA was responsible for the entire marketing and social media communication of the study competition.

Thanks to our recruitment campaign, the competition received a record number of entries. It would be fair to say that the unique trio of an overwhelming NGO, a leading mobile phone manufacturer and BURIBA, an advertising agency renowned for its human and professional values, provided the pillars of marketing success. Yet, we believe that the success of our partnership was also largely due to the fact that we were a team, fighting for the same goal every single day, and able to change the communication and advertising strategy of previous years.

Those of you who are familiar with the work of our agency and our founder Barbara Burián will already know that education and youth programmes have a special place in our hearts within social campaigns. It’s no coincidence that as an advertising agency we joined the EdisonKids / Samsung super duo as if the project were our own. With every ounce of our marketing knowledge and every ounce of our muscle, we wanted to make a positive difference in the lives of young generations.

Read more about the EdisonKids/Samsung Solve for Tomorrow learning competition

The predecessor of the Solve for Tomorrow CSR activity in Hungary is the Samsung Solve for Tomorrow initiative, which attracts a large number of young and high school students worldwide. The aim of the activity is to inspire students aged 12 to 18 to solve a social problem. This year, entries could be submitted in 3 categories: sustainability, community and education for the future. Students could enter as a group, supported by a teacher, by uploading a video application.

Samsung donated Samsung devices worth a total of HUF 6 million to the best team of schools, teachers and students. In addition to the fantastic prizes, we feel obliged to mention that during the competition the students’ professional knowledge was reinforced by more than 30 renowned judges and mentors, including Petya Balogh, angel investor, well-known from Sharks, Dr. Bertalan Meskó, futurologist and Csongor Biás, head of Startup Hungary.

The task of our advertising agency was to recruit as many teams as possible, to receive as many quality applications as possible and to widely communicate the diverse professional programme of the competition.

Integrated marketing campaign to reach young people with a vision

Our advertising agency BURIBA did its utmost to increase the popularity and digital experience of the competition by offering its professional expertise. Here is a brief summary of the main tasks we carried out during the integrated marketing campaign:

  • New website development
  • Branding update in line with the rebranding
  • Rebranding
  • Social media content writing and graphic design
  • Creation and design of new content and marketing strategy
  • Running Google, Facebook and Instagram advertising campaigns
  • Ongoing optimisation, reporting
  • Video editing and editing
  • Using direct recruitment methods
  • Creating newsletters

Key marketing results

While we recommend that you ask the organisers themselves about the success of our work over more than six months, we can give you two key figures. Here are the results we at BURIBA Advertising Agency are most proud of for the EdisonKids / Samsung Solve for Tomorrow campaign:

  • Six times more visitors to the website during the recruitment period than the total number of website visitors in 2022
  • We set a record: more than twice as many applications were received as in the previous year

These results are not just sound statistics. They mean that we have reached out to young people across the country and sparked their interest in becoming the drivers of positive social change. We have encouraged them to think, to be entrepreneurs, to create value – and more importantly, we have given them the space to do so.

EdisonKids and Samsung put together a world-class curriculum and brought in the best Hungarian mentors and judges, and we made sure that young people with dreams of a brighter future found this programme that provides unique knowledge, skills and life-changing experiences.

Of course, the highlight of the competition was the finals, where we got to meet the top eight teams in person and cheer them on live for their noble causes, socially relevant and innovative ideas.

Press releases

The extensive press coverage was a source of immense pride not only for us, the organisers, but also for the teams involved. Without wishing to be exhaustive, here is a selection from the start to the final.

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  • nlc: 13-year-old Hungarian students have found a solution to a big problem in the food industry
  • Trade Magazin: New life for chip bags – sustainable idea wins Samsung and EdisonKids competition
  • HVG When will cricket farms become Hungaricums?

A virtual hug and thanks to the whole team at EdisonKids and Samsung

Thank you for the trust and the opportunity to Rita Veres, co-founder of EdisonKids; Dorottya Borsos, project manager and Renáta Bucsányi, project coordinator; and Zsófia Samu, Enikő Takács and Tímea Vadinszky from Samsung, and everyone else we worked with on the campaign in any way. We are proud and proud to say that, both professionally and as people, we have built a team on the first try that has embraced every challenge with professionalism, respect and a sparkling enthusiasm.

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