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MAZS: Great Questions of Life: a new, interactive quiz game for the Hungarian Jewish community

  • Hungarian Jewish Social Aid Foundation (MAZS)
  • Hungary
  • 5. Apr. 2024

The purpose of the quiz game “The Great Questions of Life” is to present the multifaceted activities of MAZS in an educational and interactive way, and to reach and appeal to the Hungarian and Jewish public on a wide scale.

The Hungarian Jewish Social Aid Foundation (MAZS) and our BURIBA Advertising Agency have previously demonstrated the strength of our cooperation with our tax 1% campaign. Encouraged by the success of the joint work, we started another innovative initiative, with the quiz game “The Great Questions of Life”, the purpose of which is to present the multifaceted activities of MAZS in an educational and interactive way, and to reach and appeal to the Hungarian and Jewish public on a wide scale. With the cooperation, we achieved outstanding results already after the first gamification campaign, as more than 3,200 submitted quizzes were received.

Gamification campaign for educational and PR purposes

The campaign was based on a microsite-based quiz game, which ran on one of the subdomains of MAZS: https://www.kerdesek.mazs.hu/

The quiz game touched on real problems that arise in everyday life, to which MAZS programs offer solutions. Questions enable personal identification, which is crucial in any marketing campaign. Through the interactive mechanism, players can learn about the activities of MAZS, such as the Jaffe Family Support Center, the elderly care and volunteer programs created to help Holocaust survivors, or the Narancsliget fundraising center.

A TV invitation also proves the interest in the game. Taly Shaul, managing director, and Marianna Jó, communications manager, with whom we designed the game hand in hand, answered Péter Brayer’s surprising questions on HETI TV, the most watched television channel of the Hungarian Jewish community. Watch here!

To reach the largest possible audience, we supported the game with Facebook ads. When setting up the target group, we took into account that each topic is aimed at players of different ages and marital status, so each required a unique ad setting. In this way, we were able to elicit the greatest possible reaction from the target groups.

The entire content, design, development, gamification mechanism, Facebook ads and Google measurement codes of the game were all created by the BURIBA Advertising Agency.

Incentive game mechanics

The quiz game brought up topics that arise in everyone at a certain stage of life, so by completing them we could get to know ourselves better. In the meantime, we also presented topics covered and services provided by MAZS, such as volunteering, Jewish holidays, MAZS and the Jewish community, second generation, Holocaust, communicating with helpers at home, professional care at home, and aging with dignity. The participants in the game, if they meet the criteria, were given the opportunity to apply for subsidies.

Book vouchers were drawn among those who completed the form, which further encouraged the desire to participate.

The quiz uniquely combined entertainment and information, allowing participants to express their opinions in their own words. In this way, they could not only expand their knowledge, but also join the dialogue that MAZS conducts in Hungary. The more questions they answered during the game, the more likely they were to win, thereby strengthening community participation and spreading the message of MAZS.

The new collaboration between BURIBA and MAZS proves that creative and innovative approaches can effectively promote social awareness and active community participation. The quiz game “MAZS – Great Questions of Life” is, in addition to a game, a gamification tool that can be used to make the activities of MAZS more widely known, while entertaining and informing the public.

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