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Our gamification campaign won the Richter Anna Award

  • Richter Anna Award
  • Hungary
  • 17. Sep. 2023

Our medical gamification concept won the Richter Anna Audience Award with more than 40,000 votes!

Our advertising agency BURIBA has won the Richter Anna Award for a gamification project in healthcare

Another honour for our advertising agency BURIBA! Previously, we were asked by the Richter Anna Award-winning organisation, the Association for the Conscious Use of Medicines, to create two social gamification activities for them – Facebook and website-based games. Our online activities were an overwhelming success with both the target community and the organisers of the Richter Anna Award. And this year we had the great honour of being involved in writing its tender! What’s more, our entry won a prize for an NGO – the Association of Perinatal Genetics (Babagenetika Egyesület).

Our advertising agency BURIBA was approached by the association to develop an activity to help parents during pregnancy. In the field of health, the most important thing is to provide credible information in a way that is understandable to the lay public. There are countless websites, social media projects and mobile apps that try to serve the aforementioned purpose – but most of them mostly talk about health and disorder symptoms in a dry, very formal way. That’s exactly why we’ve deployed what makes us unique in both marketing and health. We used gamification features and motivational steps in game mechanics to create the association’s latest campaign. And it won the organisation a Richter Anna Award!

BURIBA Advertising Agency at the service of NGOs

Our advertising agency BURIBA has already produced a number of successful socially oriented educational campaigns for national and international NGOs. We have also worked successfully with the Association of Perinatal Genetics for many years, and our projects have won numerous marketing awards and recognition. Here are 3 marketing campaigns that have been widely reported in the press:

  • An online gamified exhibition, a social awareness campaign, which won a bronze award for Creative Hypnosis, – combined gamification and education to draw attention how easy and harmful to judge each other,
  • the TEDx talk written by our advertising agency BURIBA, delivered by Anna M. Sevcsik on the TEDx stage in Budapest, and
  • our ARC billboard ‘Tente Baba Tente’, which was a giant display at the ARC public art exhibition and featured on a live morning TV show.

Gamification is the most effective tool for education and information transfer

Our activity, called BurokBrigad, aimed to educate parents through an interactive game mechanism to help them in the child planning process, from pregnancy and birth to the age of one. Our vision was to create an exciting online platform where parents-to-be can find their way out of the maze of pregnancy checkups in an adventurous and interactive way. That’s why we envisioned the design of the website based on a game mechanism as a labyrinth.

Thousands of international polls and marketing analyses show that communication between brand and target audience is at least 40% more effective, and brand loyalty is nearly 70% higher when gamified campaigns are used. This is particularly true in the healthcare sector.

Audience award for our interactive gamification and education campaign

The project has been hugely popular since its inception, which has been further strengthened by the Richter Anna Audience Award. At the start of the online voting, we immediately took first place over the other entries by a convincing margin and received more than 40,000 votes from the public supporting our gamification project. This result is a tribute to the collaboration between the Association’s dedicated professionals and the creative team at our BURIBA Advertising Agency.

It’s no coincidence that our educational campaign received the most votes in the public vote of the Richter Anna Awards over the last 5 years. Here’s a Facebook video of the winning entry from the BurokBrigad medical team:

More pictures and information about the BurokBrigad competition won by our advertising agency BURIBA can be found on the Richter Anna Award’s website.

BURIBA Advertising Agency is the number one advertising agency for gamification services

Our advertising agency has an outstanding experience in gamification campaigns and has already won several awards and prizes, including the Richter Anna Award.

This experience was a major factor in our entry being shortlisted as a finalist in the Anna Richter Awards and coming away as the winner in the final round. We are honoured to have been able to come up with a winning campaign for an NGO like the Association of the Perinatal Genetics that is destined for success – or at least that is how it started.

As we were responsibly for writing the tender and creating the winning concept, we can’t wait to see the operating gamified medical platform on air! Good luck for the association and its IT team for the execution. We are excited to see how much the activity has been changed since it is under development. The project can be a game changer for mothers-to-be.

If you need a winning concept for your new campaign, feel free to reach us out!

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